Initially posted 7/26/08 in response to some tough illegal combination electronic
 and gangstalking harassment.  Jay Pendelton led the tough illegal electronic harassment.
Updated 3/1/12.  This webmaster complained to the proper authorities on 9/19/08, 1/31/09, 6/8/09, 8/19/09, 10/4/09, 10/5/09, 1/14/10, 1/28/10, 2/1/10, 3/21/10, 4/24/10, 4/26/10, and 8/14/10.
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     The purpose of this website is to identify one of the worst criminal offenders at the alleged FBI SID Ballston metro building in Arlington, Virginia, and prompt the police to investigate and arrest him.

Jay Pendelton's Description.
     Jay Pendelton, aka Jay Fullerton, is allegedly a white male, allegedly 5' 6", allegedly 73 years old, allegedly 170 lbs., with allegedly little/no hair.  Alleged date of birth: Sept. 7, 1938. 
[This info is based on repeated descriptions by Jay and/or Jay's coworkers.  I have repeatedly heard but I have not seen Jay Pendelton.]
     Jay Pendelton, aka Jay Fullerton, might/might not have a driver's license or other valid ID.
     Jay Pendelton is usually at work 24 hours at day.  Jay is allegedly an illegal methamphetamine speed drug addict, so Jay allegedly sleeps very little and Jay is often awake at night at his office. 
     Jay shares his office with alias B2, whose real name might/might not by "Larry Smith".

Jay Pendelton's Alleged Location.
     Jay Pendelton's precise office location and precise home address are unknown.
     However, Jay Pendelton is alleged to work at the alleged FBI SID Ballston metro building.  This building is alleged to be the Ballston metro center office building, 901 N. Stuart St., Arlington, VA, built in 1989, that is probably directly above a Ballston metro exit. 
(FYI, GSA leases some of the space at that building, and DoD is trying to relocate some office space away from that building under their BRAC program.)  That building is across the street from a park called Welburn Square.  Jay Pendelton might/might not work in room 541.  (A drug stash in their office is alleged to have been stored in room 614, and more recently room 615, but this is only repeated rumor.)  Jay allegedly lives in a nearby apartment complex that Jay/B2 referred to as "the towers", allegedly on the 3rd floor.

Arresting Jay Pendelton
     Jay Pendelton could be busted for:
     1.  Illegal drugs if Jay Pendelton is caught with them, if a cop hears Jay Pendelton confess to Jay Pendelton using illegal drugs, or if a cop finds illegal drugs stored in Jay's apartment (where Jay is alleged to have previously stored drugs),
     2. Electronic harassment or probably even assault with an electronic weapon, and/or
     3. Any other crimes that a cop hears Jay confess to.  

Other Acceptable Solutions
     Jay has been illegally harassing this webmaster for years without being arrested.  These solutions to the problem of Jay's illegally harassing this webmaster are acceptable to this webmaster:
1. Jay ceases and desists his daily illegal electronic harassment of this webmaster.  Ideally, the FBI SID should cease and desist all illegal electronic harassment of this webmaster.
2. Jay retires.
3. Jay, an alleged illegal methamphetamine speed freak drug addict, is fired from what was once allegedly a drug-free workplace, and banned from being rehired as a contractor. 
Jay would probably flunk any mandatory drug testing.
4. The FBI SID ceases and desists its illegal electronic harassment of victims in America, and shuts down its electronic harassment program, just as project MKULTRA was shut down in 1973.
     However, a cop might still choose to arrest Jay Pendelton, even if Jay or one of Jay's bosses tries one of these solutions.
     Also, this webmaster still reserves the right to continue to document Jay's crimes and take further legal action, including suing for victim restitution, under any circumstances.

Jay Pendelton's Crimes

     Jay Pendelton is a paid illegal electronic harassment worker, a criminal perp, a speed freak methamphetamine speed drug addict, and an alleged HIV-positive serial rapist.  Jay Pendelton has repeatedly threatened to kill the webmaster of this website between 2005-2008.  Jay Pendelton reduced his death threats against this webmaster in 2009-2012.  Jay Pendelton allegedly tortured, raped, and was allegedly part of a de facto electronic warfare hit squad that allegedly murdered a female San Francisco human rights activist in April 2004.  Jay Pendelton confessed in 2005 to hiring a hit man in 2003 in an unsuccessful attempt to murder the webmaster of this website.  (A gun, allegedly wielded by Jay's alleged paid hitman, was pointed at this webmaster in 2003 by a cell-phone wielding gunman and a few months later the local police claimed a man was shot and murdered half a block from this webmaster's 2003 home.)  Jay Pendelton, almost always high on methamphetamine speed,  has openly electronically harassed the webmaster of this website 24-7-365 for more than 6 1/2 years since around May 1, 2005.  This electronic harassment includes routine illegal computer hacking attacks against this webmaster's computers.  A detailed account of Jay Pendelton's crimes can be found here, and this webmaster has logged over 7,400 pages of notes on Jay's illegal electronic harassment of this webmaster.
     Jay Pendelton is the team leader of a now 2 person instead of 3 person electronic illegal harassment team (alias Ditsy1 got transferred off of Jay's team in late 2008), and until May 2009 almost every crime committed by that team was ordered by and/or supervised by Jay Pendelton.  (In May 2009, B2 might have been placed in charge of their team some or all of the time, but Jay usually ignores B2's orders anyway.)  Of the 2 main illegal harassment workers, Jay and alias B2, Jay Pendelton is often the most wasted on drugs, specifically illegal methamphetamine speed, and Jay is one of the loudest, meanest, cruelest, most foul-mouthed, most blatantly criminal, and most illegally obnoxious sound harassment workers harassing this webmaster.  Jay Pendelton thinks and acts more like a mafia worker than a legitimate law-abiding bureaucrat.

Sound Harassment Technology
     Jay Pendelton is a hi-tech criminal.  Much of Jay's paid harassment work involves very narrow and specific broadcasting of targeted illegal abusive sound harassment directly at one targeted individual and often those near the targeted individual 24-7-365.  One the main technologies used to accomplish this electronic harassment is a "sound beam", also known as an "LRAD", or long range acoustical deviceUnclassified commercial versions of this "sound beam" technology using heterodyne sound beam technology are openly advertised and sold in America.  Jay Pendelton also uses incredibly advanced top secret electronic harassment technology, including advanced top secret computer hacking technology.  This technology is explained in more detail at StopCOINTELPRO.com, StopBeamWeapons.com, and StopPsyWar.com.

Illegal U.S. Federal Government Corruption
     Jay Pendelton works for a "top secret" department in the U.S. federal government that almost everyone is probably too ignorant of, ashamed of, and/or too intimidated by to officially admit exists.  (However, paid electronic harassment workers, gangstalkers, and sometimes even agent provocateurs at political demonstrations will often admit that they are "psywar" workers or "COINTELPRO" and/or "FBI SID".)  The department that he works for is as corrupt and evil as Jay Pendelton is.  An illegal methamphetamine speed epidemic runs out of control at this department, allegedly supplied in part by a hardened criminal boss nicknamed "Hitler", and allegedly produced in part in a speed lab allegedly currently located in North College Park, Maryland (where the same or a similar illegal methamphetamine speed lab was alleged to have existed way back in 1986.
     Jay Pendelton is a brazen hardened criminal perp who is also a "black op" worker, a term for secret police or CIA or other top secret federal workers who believe they can break the law without being arrested.  Jay Pendelton once, at 12:15pm 1/13/06, while high on drugs, said "No cop will dare arrest Jay Pendelton."  Funding for Jay Pendelton's black ops is probably either hidden in the FBI budget or hidden in the top secret classified " black box" federal budget.  In 2010 and 2011, after Jay openly electronically harassed cops for years, Jay's broadcasts have sometimes admitted that Jay now is sometimes worried about being arrested.
     Jay's organization, allegedly the FBI SID, often calls itself "COINTELPRO", after the illegal "black ops" work or "black bag jobs" illegally conducted by FBI agents in the past under the command of the corrupt FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover.  Jay's organization is also a modern day hi-tech MKULTRA-style organization that attempts to use modern top secret hi-tech mind-control technology, and Jay's organization is also similar to the old Operation CHAOS harassment.  In short, criminal perp Jay Pendelton is a paid and unarrested criminal perp who works in a completely illegal and corrupt department in the U.S. federal government that is similar to prior U.S. government illegal operations known as COINTELPRO, MKULTRA, and Operation CHAOS.
     Criminally and illegally corrupt financial greed and illegal drug addiction to illegal methamphetamine speed (and sometimes also prozac and/or cocaine) are beginning to replace a cult-like secret police/COINTELPRO/psywar/"black ops" mentality as a primary motivating factor for FBI SID criminals.  Apparently crime pays a lot at the FBI SID.  Jay Pendelton is employed as a blatantly criminally and illegally corrupt career full-time plus overtime employee who allegedly is paid more than $100K/year in pay for committing crimes every day.  (Jay claims he is paid around $140,000-$150,000 a year.)  In 2008, some FBI SID national office "contractor" workers were allegedly paid in at least one case as much as $40-$45/hour to commit crimes every day with a usual limit of 40 hours a week, instead of collecting $25/hour for committing crimes every day by billing the government for working up to 16-24 hours/day every day for full-time employee work.  (Jay was tempted to become a contractor in 2008 to get paid more per hour.)  It is probable that the FBI SID was unable to sustain paying most contractors up to $40-$45 per hour in 2009.  In 2010 FBI SID workers repeatedly claimed that some FBI SID workers and/or contractors were sometimes briefly paid $200/hour.
     Many FBI SID national office workers with huge salaries, already corrupted into a profitable life of illegal  federal government secret police crime, try and become addicted to plentifully supplied illegal methamphetamine speed.  Some of the illegal FBI SID methamphetamine speed drug dealing market is controlled by one corrupt criminal FBI SID boss nicknamed Hitler, a white male who is probably 62-72 years old, who allegedly illegally sells methamphetamine speed to FBI SID workers, usually at an expensive $10/hit.  (Alias Hitler's drug prices have allegedly varied from probably de facto free for unspecified and sometimes uncollected drug bills to $3 to $12 a hit.)  In 2009, an enterprising female criminal nicknamed Mooch, allegedly a white 6'2" corrupted probably 30-40-something female FBI SID boss with blond hair, allegedly also handles some of the illegal methamphetamine speed drug dealing.  In 2010 alias Ditsy2 is alleged to have done some of the illegal drug dealing.  Ditsy2 was also allegedly busted in 2010.  Illegal methamphetamine speed fuels FBI SID electronic harassment by allowing FBI SID electronic harassment workers to stay high on drugs while conducting blatantly illegal and often very abusive and/or energy draining electronic harassment of targeted individuals, and if the price of methamphetamine speed drops at the FBI SID building FBI SID illegal aggression could dramatically escalate once FBI SID workers get too high and too wasted on illegal methamphetamine speed.  (On the other hand, high illegal methamphetamine speed drug prices, allegedly sometimes as high as $12/hit, leave some FBI SID illegal methamphetamine speed drug addicts like Jay Pendelton very financially drained by their very costly illegal drug habit.  Unpaid and probably uncollectable illegal methamphetamine speed drug user and illegal methamphetamine speed drug purchaser debt to their illegal methamphetamine speed drug dealer alias Hitler became an issue late in 2008, and Jay's alleged lack of payment (allegedly to Mooch) for many of the drugs allegedly delivered to Jay Pendelton in 2009 became an issue in Jan. 2010 when Jay claimed that an FBI SID boss gave Jay a bill for $50,000 for Jay's unpaid drug bills.)  Methamphetamine speed drug addiction and drug dealing is so widespread and so out-of-control at the FBI SID that it is very probable that no one there has been able to successfully enforce the law making methamphetamine speed illegal.  (However, potentially profitable confiscations of the illegal drug methamphetamine speed with its potentially large illegal drug use or illegal drug resale value have allegedly occurred.)
     In 2010, alias Hitler allegedly stepped up his drug bill collection efforts, for example by allegedly auto-deducting 25k from Jay Pendelton's bank account, a disputed withdrawal of money from Jay's bank account that Jay claims on 1/14/11 that [alias] Hitler eventually ended up with.

     In 2010, alias "Hitler" was alleged by Jay Pendelton to have written off around 2 million dollars on his [presumably 2009] federal income taxes that Jay claims that alias Hitler claims that FBI SID drug addicts owed him for illegal drugs (presumably mostly methamphetamine speed) that he provided for them often without being paid (or
without being fully paid).   However, legally writing off debts is complicated, probably involves extra paperwork, and it might burden the people whose debts he is writing off with an expensive heavy burden of tens of thousands of dollars in extra taxable income.  Since alias Hitler allegedly did not provide paperwork to anyone whose debts he allegedly wrote off on his taxes (normally done in form 1099-C), alias Hitler probably needs to redo his 2009 federal income taxes.  However, I do not know if alias Hitler plans to correct his alleged 2009 income tax error.
     Bottom line: an individual can write off up to $13,000/normal debt/year to another person and count it as a nontaxable "gift", so alias Hitler could theoretically write off up to $13,000/normal debt/person/year as a non-taxable gift.  (I do not know if this applies to debt for unpaid bills for illegal drugs.)  Also, an individual can provide up to $1 million in nontaxable gifts per lifetime (above the $13,000 limit/person/year), but this involves extra paperwork.  Any debt write-offs not legally counted as a gift count as taxable income for the person receiving the debt write-off and involve paperwork, probably form 1099-C.
     Bottom line: if the allegation that alias Hitler deducted $2 million in unpaid drug bills on his taxes is true, alias Hitler probably underpaid the IRS, etc. up to an estimated $500,000-$1 million in his combined federal, state, and local tax bills, probably because he probably neglected to fill out all of the paperwork, and probably because some of the tax write-off has not been assigned in writing using form 1099-C to other people to pay their share of some of that estimated $500,000-$1 million tax revenue shortfall.  Bottom line probably is, unless alias Hitler is specifically gifting up to $13,000 (or more) per person/year, that extra tax write-off money is presumably owed by somebody, and there should be some paperwork to explain who owes what.  If alias Hitler is not careful, he might be creating an extra tax burden or a potential extra burden for his debtors.
     From a legal standpoint, because the alleged debt write-off is allegedly debt write-off for unpaid bills for illegal drugs, this might change the rules completely, particularly from a DEA drug-enforcement standpoint that might be very different from a IRS tax-collection standpoint.  Also, I am not a legal expert on this issue, so don't rely of my quick research for your own legal opinions.  If you are involved in this problem, researching and following the law if your responsibility, not mine.
     Alias Hitler is also alleged by Jay Pendelton to be Mr. Feldman, but this allegation might/might not be true.

     Late in 2009, Jay and/or B2 have complained that sometimes smooth-talking FBI SID female workers (probably mostly 20-something white females with aliases like Ditsy2, Ditsy3, Ditsy4, and Mooch) have routinely swiped cocaine from Jay's cocaine stash.  (Apparently some FBI SID female workers are allegedly using cocaine as an addictive illegal mood-booster to withstand the often extremely draining work of abusive illegal electronic harassment of targeted individuals.)
     Some FBI SID workers are probably torn between their greed for money, their expensive addiction to illegal methamphetamine speed (and/or prozac and/or cocaine), and their repugnance at the evil abusive sound harassment, electronic harassment, and/or gangstalking harassment illegal work that they are stuck doing.

Jay Pendelton's Personal Deterioration
     Note: Jay Pendelton's employee status might vary according to internal FBI SID politics.  This info was added on 6/8/09 and is accurate as of 6/8/09, but it is subject to change.
     Despite drug addict Jay Pendelton's obnoxious criminal overselfconfidence that is only propped up by Jay's constant illegal use of methamphetamine speed and Jay's very large salary, Jay's status, legal status, employee and boss status, previously claimed invulnerability, and health are deteriorating.  Here are the details.
     1.  Jay's anonymity is deteriorating.   In March 2005, Jay Pendelton was a totally anonymous black op worker for a secret government agency or organization.  Jay's once-hidden workplace at a secret undisclosed location is now rumored to be 3325 5th place in Arlington, Virginia, on the block of 5th place within a block or 2 east of the Ballston metro stop in Arlington, Virginia. 
[It was previously falsely rumored to be 3525 5th street in Arlington, VA.]  Around May 2009 Jay's once-anonymous room number was revealed to allegedly be room 541.  On 11/11/05, Jay and B2 openly admitted that they routinely use methamphetamine speed.  On 7/26/08, BustJayPendelton.com was created.  Between 7/26/08 and 6/8/09 Ed complained to the Arlington police, the Virginia state police, and the DEA about Jay Pendelton's crimes.  On 6/8/09, Ed added this section on Jay Pendelton's personal deterioration to BustJayPendelton.com.  As of 1/14/11, Jay's alleged detailed personal description is posted at the top of this website.  [Previously, Jay Pendelton was allegedly as of 6/8/09 a 68 year old white male, short (around 5' 6"), once muscular, still goonish, with very little or no hair.]
     2.  Jay's employee status has deteriorated.  Jay Pendelton  was allegedly fired from his job on more than one occasion, but somehow Jay's being fired didn't last or someone (maybe alias Hitler) rehired Jay.  Whether Jay is even a federal employee or federal contractor is unknown to Ed at this point.  FBI SID bosses have previously unsuccessfully tried to remove Jay Pendelton from the FBI SID building.  The Arlington police might even have been called at least once in an attempt to remove Jay Pendelton from the FBI SID building.
     3.  Jay's health is deteriorating.  Jay is already old and is allegedly 73 as of 3/1/12. 
[Previously, Jay was allegedly 68 as of 6/8/09.]  Jay gets very little sleep as a methamphetamine speed freak and drug addict, and Jay prefers drugs to food and sleep.  Also, after Ed repeatedly prompted Jay to get tested for AIDs, Jay discovered that Jay is HIV-positive.  After Ed repeatedly prompted Jay to get health insurance, Jay and B2 missed 2 federal health insurance open seasons in a row.  The first year they remembered a day late to get health insurance and the next year (around Dec. 2008) they allegedly filed their paperwork and alias Hitler, himself an alleged drug dealer and user, allegedly neglected to successfully file their health insurance paperwork for them.
     Jay has not treated his HIV-AIDS illness and might be much more contagious because his HIV-AIDS illness is untreated.  Jay still seeks sex and blow jobs from FBI SID women, Jay is an alleged serial rapist of FBI SID women, and Jay does not consistently always practice safe sex.  Jay even allegedly probably infected Ditsy1, who Jay also allegedly raped, with HIV-AIDS.
     Jay's untreated HIV-AIDS and continued interest in sex at the FBI SID building adds to a probable HIV-AIDS epidemic at the FBI SID building.  The practice of FBI SID women routinely offering blow jobs to their targets and a blatant FBI SID lack of concern about health threatens to spread an FBI SID HIV-AIDS epidemic into the Washington, DC metropolitan area.
     4.  Jay is wasting a lot of his money on drugs.  Jay routinely blows a lot of money, estimated at more than $20,000 a year, on illegal methamphetamine speed.  Jay has not kept strict track of Jay's finances and as of 6/8/9 Jay's personal assistant might have racked up extra credit card debt for Jay while paying Jay's bills.  In 2010 alias Hitler allegedly auto-deducted 25k from Jay's bank account to pay for Jay's drugs before Jay allegedly even noticed.  
     5.  Jay's HIV-positive status and Jay's being an alleged serial rapist have damaged Jay's relations with the women in Jay's life, some of whom are allegedly Jay Pendelton's rape victims.  Ditsy1 quit Jay's team late in 2008.  Then Jay, with his background as an alleged serial rapist, could never recruit another full-time female worker for his team.  Ditsy2 sometimes works with Jay's team, but she does not share the office with Jay like Ditsy1 did, nor does she do as much illegal work for Jay as Ditsy1 did.  In case you don't understand how obnoxiously and criminally repugnant Jay Pendelton has become, here are a few quotes from Jay Pendelton. 
Jay Pendelton very bluntly and crudely admitted at 8:28am 5/21/09 that "Ditsy swallowed Jay's cum and Ditsy has AIDS."  Next Jay admitted at 8:30am 5/21/09 that "I [Jay] killed her [Ditsy1]" [meaning Jay realized that Jay infected Ditsy1 with HIV AIDS, a sexually contagious disease that is fatal if untreated].
     6.  Jay lost 1 of 2 office rooms in addition to 1/3 of his harassment team.  Jay lost his second room, once a backup rest area for Jay's once 3-person team.  Ditsy2 is allegedly staffed there, but she usually keeps the door between Jay's room and her room closed.
     7.  Jay is at least partially losing full command of his once 3 and now 2 person team.  B2 has been at least temporarily placed in charge of Jay and B2's team in May 2009, and while Jay acts like Jay is in charge, B2 might technically be in charge as of 6/8/09.
     8.  Jay has been unable to keep up with critical personal chores.  In 2009 Jay Pendelton discovered Jay no longer has a valid Virginia driver's license.
     9.  Jay has become a criminal illegal methamphetamine speed drug-addict workaholic who almost never leaves his office.  Jay is sometimes scared to leave his office and rarely even goes home to his apartment anymore.  A paid personal assistant has been managing Jay's life and finances as of 6/8/9, and food is delivered to Jay's office only when Jay or B2  remember to order it.
     If Jay Pendelton is arrested, Jay will probably start going through drug withdrawal from his illegal methamphetamine speed addiction.  The longer an arrest keeps Jay off of methamphetamine speed (and maybe even nonprescription prozac), the greater the probability that Jay will crack under serious police interrogation.  Jay has routinely admitted to breaking the law, and Jay might be dumb enough to do so under legal police interrogation.  What might start out as a drug bust of Jay Pendelton could grow into Jay confessing to committing additional crimes.
     Jay should be arrested.  And Jay should also be fired and banned from being rehired as a contractor.
     In response to this information, Jay Pendelton should seriously consider retiring.  Jay Pendelton, allegedly now 73 years old as of 3/1/12, should retire on Social Security based on his alleged approximately $150,00 a year salary.  Jay should also get drug treatment or else Jay's illegal methamphetamine speed drug habit will drain Jay's pre-retirement bank account or totally drain and destroy Jay's post-retirement bank account before it totally destroys Jay's health.  If Jay does not retire in time, there is some chance that Jay's being fired and/or arrested might interfere with Jay's retirement on Social Security.  Whether or not Jay Pendelton chooses to flee from Jay's criminal past is up to Jay Pendelton.

Jay Pendelton's Fake Alibi
     Jay Pendelton, a brazen hardened criminal perp who is almost always high on methamphetamine speed and who is almost always at his office doing his paid illegal harassment work, routinely and openly engages in criminal behavior.
     However, if Jay feels threatened, Jay Pendelton will, on rare occasion, pull out his fake alibi.  Jay Pendelton's fake alibi is that Jay Pendelton is a "special investigator" of the "FBI SID".  However, instead of solving crimes, Jay has been blatantly committing crimes for years.  Tragically, his entire department, allegedly the top secret "FBI SID", is as criminally corrupt as Jay Pendelton is.

How to Bust Jay Pendelton
     Jay Pendelton, FBI SID agent, is an outrageous criminal perp who has brazenly broken the law for years.  On Sept. 13, 2007, the Washington Post reported that Arlington county police arrested FBI agent Carl L. Spicocchi for a bizarre series of crimes.  On March 12, 2008, Ex-FBI agent Carl L. Spicocchi was convicted and sentenced to 6 years in jail for his crimes.  If the police can arrest and convict FBI agent Carl L. Spicocchi, they can also arrest FBI SID agent Jay Pendelton.  Even political dirty tricks specialist (and possible black op) James O'Keefe was arrested in New Orleans along with 3 other people on Jan. 25, 2010.  Also, Jay has repeatedly claimed in Jan. 2010 that Ditsy2 was busted, based on Jay's initial claim in mid-January 2010 that Ditsy2 was busted, but this is unconfirmed FBI SID rumor.  Also, Jay at least once claimed in Jan. 2010 that there are now multiple arrest warrants out for Jay Pendelton's arrest (probably for electronic harassment), but Ed suspects that Jay is lying again.
    The easiest way to bust Jay Pendelton is to bust him for methamphetamine speed.  Jay often keeps a stash of hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of methamphetamine speed at his office.  (Jay might also often keep a drug stash in his apartment, allegedly in a nearby very upscale and expensive apartment complex very near his office that some other FBI SID workers probably also live at.  Jay might also keep some of his drug stash elsewhere in his building to avoid being busted for it, a situation that Jay has complained has led to a very few FBI SID women (allegedly mostly Ditsy2 and Ditsy3) helping themselves to or swiping from his cocaine stash and/or other drug stash.)  However, his agency is so corrupt and so rife with methamphetamine speed drug addicts and drug dealing that only an honest unintimidated cop who can surprise Jay Pendelton before Jay can ditch his illegal methamphetamine speed stash can be counted on to make the drug bust.  (On the other hand, Jay wasn't expecting and might still not be expecting a drug bust, so deploying an undercover cop to bust him might be easy.)
     Jay allegedly works at the FBI SID Ballston metro building, allegedly on 5th street within 1-2 blocks of the Ballston metro.  The address might be 3525 5th St., Arlington, VA, but this is unconfirmed rumor.  Jay's room number as of 6/8/09 is allegedly 541, but this is unconfirmed rumor)  Jay is allegedly around 5' 6" tall, white, muscular, loudmouthed, and goonish.  Jay probably has short hair, maybe crew cut hair, or little or no hair, as of 6/8/09.  Jay might not have any valid ID, since his Virginia driver's license is allegedly expired as of 6/8/09.  Jay might be FBI SID badge 604 or Jay might not even have any or any valid FIB SID badge now.  Jay's main 24-7-365 co-worker is alias B2.  (B2 was originally logging shorthand for "bureaucrat #2".)  B2's real name might be (or might not be) Larry Smith.  B2 might be FBI SID badge 602.  Alias Ditsy2, probably a short white female in her twenties with an often soft presumably modulated electronic voice, allegedly works in the room next to Jay's that is connected to Jay's room by a usually closed door.  There is allegedly now as of 6/8/09 a security guard posted at the entrance and exit to the FBI SID building.
     One of Jay's ex-team members, allegedly in 2008 only working a 40-hour contractor work week and at one point in 2008 allegedly being paid $45/hour, is alias Ditsy/Ditsy1.  She transferred from Jay's team to a different  FBI SID work assignment near the end of 2008 after working with Jay for more than 3 years (definitely from May 2005-late 2008 and possibly from 2002-late 2008) and probably after experiencing personal burnout.  Ditsy allegedly kept her FBI-issue glock handgun when she allegedly went to work for the FBI SID.
     There are now other workers who work on or with Jay's team part time, including alias Ditsy #2 and alias Ditsy #3.  Jay tried to recruit a full-time female replacement for Ditsy/Ditsy1, but since Jay is very rude and obnoxious and allegedly a HIV-positive alleged serial rapist, Jay has been unable to recruit a full-time female replacement for Ditsy who will work in the same room with Jay.  Ditsy2 might have been assigned to Jay's team, but in practice she is a "floater" accorder to Jay, meaning that she works with different teams on different electronic psywar hits.  It is also possible that Ditsy2 works more hours on or with Jay's team than Ditsy2 chooses to openly admit.  FBI SID workers claimed Ditsy2 was promoted to management in the first half of 2009.  This claim might or might not be true.  B2 noted at 11:29am on 6/8/09 that "Ditsy2 has been claiming that she is Jay's boss for quite some time".  Ditsy2, probably a short white female in her twenties with a soft presumably modulated electronic voice, allegedly works in the room next to Jay's that is connected to Jay's room by a usually closed door.
     Alias Mooch (allegedly over 6' tall and allegedly HIV-positive) was once and might still be Jay's female boss, and an alias Hitler (an alleged major illegal methamphetamine speed drug dealer), alias Hitler #2, alias Hitler #3, alias Hitler's boss who is allegedly the FBI SID's oversight boss at the FBI, and a relatively new alleged female boss who allegedly took alias Hitler's place running the FBI SID round out the cast of most of the known alleged criminals at the FBI SID.  A June 2005 member of Jay's team, allegedly alias DA, already split, and a prior allegedly pre around 2002 female FBI SID Ditsy, also left Jay's electronic harassment hit team and was replaced by alias Ditsy/Ditsy1.  Prior to 6/8/09 Mooch allegedly got involved in working with alias Hitler to distribute methamphetamine speed to Jay and/or other FBI SID drug addicts.  In 2009 a floating worker (shifting or floating from one psywar hit to another) allegedly named Brent or Bret with alleged computer hacking skills has sometimes worked with Jay and B2.  Also, at least one FBI SID female worker was referred to a "Ditsy4".
      Individuals, particularly police and other emergency "first responders", are encouraged to complain to the police about busting Jay Pendelton.  Appropriate police departments to complain to include the Arlington County, VA police department, Virginia State police Department, the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration, the Department of Justice or DOJ, and even the FBI.  It might also be appropriate to complain to the ATF.  Also, if you're friends with a local cop and are tired of Jay's sound harassment, that cop might be able to provide some additional complaining pressure.
     Should Jay Pendelton sound harass any police department, police 911 dispatch center, police station, police car, policeman, or any other "first responder" units or workers with electronic harassment sound beam and/or other electronic harassment, police to police complaints might produce the fastest response to end the sound harassment and/or electronic harassment and/or bust Jay Pendelton.  Also, a policeman who can positively ID Jay Pendelton as the source of local electronic sound harassment can probably get an arrest warrant against Jay Pendelton and charge Jay Pendelton with one or more counts of harassment, a misdemeanor in the State of Maryland.  A police station, police 911 dispatch center, police car driver, and/or cop zapped by sound beam and/or other psywar electronic harassment  could probably get an arrest warrant against Jay Pendelton and/or Jay's coworkers for other criminal charges also.
     Unfortunately, years of FBI SID persecution have overstretched the targeted individual who is the webmaster of this website, who is busy trying to economically survive, so he is not ready to actively complain to the various police departments about busting Jay Pendelton and about illegal FBI SID corruption.
     The webmaster does expect this website to slow down Jay Pendelton's electronic harassment, for fear of it backfiring, and to make Jay Pendelton think twice before targeting local police stations and/or other "first responders" with any further electronic sound harassment.

Investigating, Reforming, and/or Shutting Down the FBI SID
    Besides the whole illegal political dirty tricks and illegal political hi-tech electronic harassment work of the FBI SID (a very weird illegal organization that commits crimes instead of solving them) and routine paid FBI SID gangstalking, the biggest and most easily provable and bustable and arrestable crime problem at the FBI SID involves rampant illegal drug use and illegal drug dealing, particularly the illegal possession, illegal use and illegal sale of illegal crystal methamphetamine speed.
     In addition to an alleged huge FBI SID illegal methamphetamine speed drug use epidemic, other illegal drugs are sometimes sold and used at the FBI SID.  Earlier, nonprescription (and therefore illegal) prozac pills were in plentiful supply in June 2005 at the FBI SID, but pressure from http://www.stopjaypendelton.com/ might have partially or completely at least temporarily dried up the FBI SID's nonprescription (and therefore illegal) supply of prozac, probably by persuading a pharmacist to stop supplying nonprescription prozac.  Illegal cocaine is also sometimes for illegal sale and is sometimes illegally used at the FBI SID.
     Ideally, the Drug Enforcement Administration (the DEA) or another organization should do a thorough undercover investigation of illegal drug use and illegal drug dealing at the FBI SID.  And ideally, in response to a possible external undercover drug investigation, the FBI SID should proactively clean house and solve its own illegal methamphetamine speed drug problem.  This would mean real enforcement of drug laws, not fake lip service to an unenforceable zero tolerance policy.  It might mean real punishments for drug use, eventually escalating to being fired or arrested.  It might also mean a real drug rehab program to deal with a real drug problem.
     Ideally, the FBI SID should try to shut itself down before a full legitimate police investigation and/or public scandal occurs.  COINTELPRO was officially shut down in April 1971, the month after the Citizen's Commission to Investigate the FBI seized secret FBI SID COINTELPRO records on March 8, 1971, but the FBI continued to use COINTELPRO-style tactics after COINTELPRO was officially shut down by the FBI.  MKULTRA and Operation CHAOS, 2 previous illegal programs similar to the FBI SID, were both shut down by the CIA in 1973 (and then CIA director Richard Helms even ordered the destruction of all MKULTRA documents in 1973) to avoid being caught in a Watergate-style scandal after the Watergate scandal erupted in 1973.   COINTELPRO, MKULTRA and Operation CHAOS  were all shut down to avoid a possible public scandal.  It's time for the FBI SID to shut itself down to avoid a public scandal, ideally setting aside funding for victim restitution to handle any and all legitimate TI lawsuits without further exposing ex FBI SID workers to the risk of being sued.  However, any future FBI SID victim restitution fund should be 100% ethically, legally, and morally managed by skilled honest workers who can fully resist FBI SID and/or other corruption, so that the all future FBI SID victim restitution money is paid to real FBI SID victims, not greedy, corrupt, unethical, and dishonest FBI SID workers trying to scam a future FBI SID victim restitution fund.
     At this point, the FBI SID has an methamphetamine speed dopamine-rush drug-fueled, surplus budget fueled sense of power, so the webmaster does not expect the FBI SID to spontaneously reform itself or shut itself down.  But these ideas make a lot of sense, and Homeland Security Department management, Justice Department management, FBI management, and/or FBI SID management may grow to see the wisdom of the these ideas and voluntarily defund and shut down the FBI SID, just as the FBI voluntarily officially shut down COINTELPRO in 1971 and the CIA voluntarily officially shut down MKULTRA and Operation CHAOS in 1973.

A Detailed Account of Jay Pendelton's crimes from around May 1, 2005-now.
     In response to Jay Pendelton beginning illegal overt or open electronic harassment of this webmaster from around May 1, 2005-now, this webmaster started logging notes in a self-defense logbook in June 2005 and began posting reports of being electronically harassed to the Internet on June 12, 2005.  During the course of more than 5 years, this webmaster's  technical understanding of the electronic harassment technology used by Jay Pendelton against this webmaster grew from almost complete ignorance in May and June of 2005 to a very knowledgeable understanding of some amazing technology that Jay Pendelton illegally uses today.
     Here is the additional evidence of Jay Pendelton's illegal electronic harassment crimes against this webmaster:
1. Here is an index of this webmaster's initial webpostings from 6/12/05-1/10/06 describing Jay Pendelton's illegal electronic harassment of this webmaster using covert secret electronic harassment technology.
2. Here is an initial draft version of a 2005-2006 fact sheet about electronic harassment that this webmaster prepared in 2005. 
This webmaster deliberately attempted to broaden the topic of electronic violations of personal privacy to make it relevant to everyone, not just victims of top-secret hi-tech electronic harassment.  It was prepared on 9/3/05, last revised on 5/25/06, and this webmaster fixed one broken image display link in 2010.  (This document presaged the 2009 NSA email reading controversy, for example.)
3. A Preliminary 9/3/05 Detailed Report--Is a Hi-Tech COINTELPRO 2005 Back? 
You can also view the the original 9/3/05 cointelpro_2005.html webposting.
4. A Detailed 12/11/05 report on FBI SID electronic harassment/warfare.
  You can also view the original 12/11/05 cointelpro_2005.html webposting.
5. FBI COINTELPRO [FBI SID] agent Jay Pendelton admits hiring and paying hitman responsible for 5/24/03 2003 Takoma Park, MD murder, and openly tries to hire new hitman on 7/25/05 to kill this webmaster. 
This data was posted at EmpowermentResources.com/index.html on 7/28/05 and was also posted at EmpowermentResources.com/cointelpro_2005.html on 7/28/05.
6. Initial 11/11/05 documentation that Jay Pendelton and alias B2 admitted to using illegal methamphetamine speed.  They have since later routinely admitted to using methamphetamine speed, very occasionally prozac, and cocaine when they can get it.
  You can also view the original 11/11/05 cointelpro_2005.html webposting.
This webmaster's complete online blog from June 2005-now is now posted at StopJayPendelton.com.  (Some of the 2010 blog entries about alleged HAARP weather modification technology are quite technical, but the rest of the blog focuses much more on Jay and B2's (and initially Ditsy[1]'s) crimes against this webmaster and how this webmaster coped with being a victim of their crimes.)  It used to be posted at EmpowermentResources.com/cointelpro_2005.html and slightly condensed versions of this blog were posted at EmpowermentResources.com/index.html, EmpowermentResources.com/quick.html, and EmpowermentResources.com/page8.html before the blog was moved to its own website at StopJayPendelton.com on 9/14/10.
8. StopBeamWeapons.com documents this webmaster's latest technical understanding of the secret technology that Jay Pendelton has illegally used against this webmaster.  Caution: Please be careful because Jay Pendelton and Jay's coworkers might also use this very powerful secret covert technology against police.
9. StopJayPendelton.com includes some raw data self-defense logfiles [with FBI SID/black ops illegal psywar hit expletives included] from between 7/25/05-9/22/08 posted online.  These self-defense logfiles include specific verbatim quotes from criminal perp Jay Pendelton and his coworkers.  This is just a small fraction of more than 6,000 pages of data that Ed has logged from June 2005-now.
10. In addition to StopJayPendelton.com, this webmaster has more than 7,400 pages of self-defense logfile notebook notes documenting Jay's electronic harassment of this webmaster from June 2005-now, including specific verbatim quotes from criminal perp Jay Pendelton and his coworkers.

Complaints to Proper Authorities on 9/19/08, 1/31/09, 6/8/09, 8/19/09, 10/4/09, 10/5/09, 1/14/10, 1/28/10, 2/1/10, 3/21/10, 4/24/10, 4/26/10, and 8/14/10.
     On 9/19/08, in response to severe electronic harassment by paid and unarrested FBI SID speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton,  this webmaster electronically contacted the DEA drug tip line, the Arlington County, VA police department drug tip line, the Virginia State police drug tip line, and this webmaster called Crimesolvers of Arlington, VA to complain about an alleged illegal methamphetamine speed drug epidemic at the FBI SID building.  Here is the email this webmaster sent to the Virginia State Police Drug Enforcement Unit on 9/19/08. 
     On 1/31/09, in response to an electronic sleep deprivation attack by paid and unarrested FBI SID speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton,  this webmaster electronically contacted the DEA drug tip line and the Virginia State police drug tip line,   Here is the email this webmaster sent to the Virginia State Police Drug Enforcement Unit on 1/31/09.  And here is documentation that Ed submitted a drug tip report to the DEA drug tip line on 1/31/09.
     On 6/8/09, in response to an electronic sleep deprivation attack by paid and unarrested FBI SID speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton,  this webmaster electronically contacted the DEA drug tip line.  Here is documentation that Ed submitted a drug tip report to the DEA drug tip line on 6/8/09.
     On 8/19/09, in response to an electronic sleep deprivation attack by paid and unarrested FBI SID speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton,  this webmaster electronically contacted the DEA drug tip line.  Here is documentation that Ed submitted a drug tip report to the DEA drug tip line on 8/19/09.
     On 10/4/09, in response to repeated electronic sleep deprivation attacks by paid and unarrested FBI SID speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton,  this webmaster electronically contacted the DEA drug tip line.  Here is documentation that Ed submitted a drug tip report to the DEA drug tip line on 10/4/09.
     On 10/5/09, in response to another electronic sleep deprivation attack by paid and unarrested FBI SID speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton,  this webmaster electronically contacted the Virginia State police drug tip line.  Here is the very detailed email this webmaster sent to the Virginia State Police Drug Enforcement Unit on 10/5/09. 
(I received electronic confirmation that the Virginia State Police received my email at 12:54pm on 10/5/09.  This webmaster initially repeatedly received an error code of "Action: failed", "Status: 5.1.1" when trying to email the Virginia State Police Drug Enforcement Unit at bcissd@vsp.virginia.gov, so this webmaster emailed the Virginia State Police at BCICID@vsp.virginia.gov instead.  Also, this webmaster received a surprising number of error messages from multiple website monitoring services concerning the temporarily slowed or maybe even sometimes temporarily blocked availability of StopPsyWar.com and other websites between a half hour before and at least 1 hour after sending the email to the Virginia State Police, so this webmaster suspects a possible FBI SID denial of service hacking attack against one or more websites.)
     At 5:08am on 1/14/10, in response to days of illegal electronic harassment and lies and threats by Jay Pendelton and repeated illegal FBI SID electronic sleep deprivation attacks at 2:26am 1/14/10, 3:48am 1/14/10, and 4:28am 1/14/10 by paid and unarrested FBI SID speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton (and/or his illegal drug addict coworker alias B2),  this webmaster electronically contacted the DEA drug tip line.  Here is documentation that Ed submitted a drug tip report to the DEA drug tip line at 5:08am on 1/14/10.
     At 5:40am on 1/28/10, in response to an illegal electronic sleep deprivation attack by paid and unarrested FBI SID speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton following a sleep deprivation attack by a loud electronic harassment FBI SID pirate radio or fake media broadcast from at least 1:50am-2:26am on 1/28/10,  this webmaster electronically contacted the ATF ATF tip line by sending an email to ATFTips@atf.gov.  Here is documentation that Ed submitted a drug tip report to the ATF ATF tip line on 1/28/10.
     At 6:01pm on 2/1/10, in response to obnoxiously severe FBI SID illegal electronic harassment earlier in the day and continued FBI SID illegal electronic psychological torture of Ed around 5:30pm on 2/1/10 by FBI SID illegal electronic harassment, this webmaster electronically contacted the FBI crime tip line.  Here is documentation that Ed submitted a crime tip report to the FBI crime tip line at 6:01pm on 2/1/10.  This documentation also notes that alias B2 from the FBI SID made 4 electronic death threats against Ed from 5:31pm-7:20pm 2/1/10.
     At 8:27pm on 3/21/10, in response to temporarily severe FBI SID illegal electronic harassment and FBI SID illegal electronic psychological torture (presumably mostly/entirely by Jay Pendelton) the day after Jay Pendelton and the FBI SID illegally electronically harassed a March 20, 2010 peace rally in Washington, DC that this webmaster went to,  this webmaster electronically contacted the DEA drug tip line.  Here is documentation that Ed submitted a drug tip report to the DEA drug tip line at 8:27pm on 3/21/10.
     At 6:12am on 4/24/10, in response to FBI SID illegal electronic harassment from Jay Pendelton that kept Ed awake from 2:45am-after 6:11am on 4/24/10, 2 nights after Ed warned Jay in a 4/22/10 Internet webposting at EmpowermentResources.com
[now posted at StopJayPendelton.com] that further FBI SID misconduct could result in Ed making more complaints to the proper authorities,  this webmaster electronically contacted the DEA drug tip line.  Here is documentation that Ed submitted a drug tip report to the DEA drug tip line at 6:12am on 4/24/10.
     FYI, Jay Pendelton, at 3:10am on 4/24/10, admitted that "Jay [Pendelton, FBI SID worker] has too many [illegal] drugs."
     At 9:43am on 4/26/10, in response to a more than 7 hour hi-tech electronic harassment sleep deprivation attack by Jay Pendelton from before midnight 4/24/10-after 7am 4/25/10 (that was designed to prevent this webmaster from attending the 4/25/10 Earth Day rally on the Mall and protest illegal COINTELPRO harassment) and a much briefer hi-tech electronic sleep deprivation attack around 6:26am 4/26/10  by paid and unarrested FBI SID speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton,  this webmaster electronically contacted the Virginia State police BCI.  Here is the very detailed email this webmaster sent to the Virginia State Police on 4/26/10. 
(I received electronic confirmation that the Virginia State Police received my email at 9:59am on 4/26/10.  FYI, my cc to the Virginia State Police Drug Enforcement Unit failed with an error message of  "Action: failed", "Status: 5.1.1" at 9:43am 4/26/10.)
     At 3:58am on 8/14/10, in response to FBI SID illegal electronic harassment from Jay Pendelton that kept Ed awake from at least 2:13am-2:50am on 8/14/10, and after too much prior electronic harassment from Jay Pendelton and the FBI SID, including Jay's claim that Jay was hacking Ed's computer, and after more than 1 warning from Ed that Ed would complain to the cops if Jay did not let Ed sleep with no further electronic harassment, this webmaster electronically contacted the DEA drug tip line.  Here is documentation that Ed submitted a drug tip report to the DEA drug tip line at 3:38am on 8/14/10.